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Safe Travels!!

From Epidemics to Global Pandemics, disease outbreaks are not unheard of. But the scale of spread can go from minor to mind-blowingly vast. Either way being ready to take all necessary precautions to minimize risk & safeguard should become a top priority.

So in a scenario where we are facing a global level health crisis, the 1st cardinal rule always is – be safe, avoid travel.

However, if a journey has to be made or you are in the middle of one, then it’s important you take all precautions to ensure your safety while acting responsibly.

Given below are simple yet highly effective practices you should follow to ensure you put yourself at Zero or minimal risk.


If you ARE travelling, then coming in to contact with others is inevitable. Even if you are travelling solo, or in a private vehicle, be assured, you are still not in the risk-free zone.

When using a disinfectant, make sure it is an alcohol-based one, for super effectiveness. It’s the next best thing after washing hands.

If you go out and come into physical contact with objects/people in public make sure to use sanitizers.

AND additionally, make sure to disinfect the things you regularly touch like wallets, phones headphones, Bag handles and spectacles etc.

Face Masks

This is important, especially if you are travelling with other passengers, or especially if you are seated/standing next to an unwell person.

ALSO, if you are experiencing a respiratory illness or any kind of flue, then wearing a face mask would be the responsible thing to do.

Social Distancing

It is tricky, we won’t deny, but you being aware will certainly help you keep a distance as much as possible. Understandably, while being on a flight or bus, distancing is simply mission impossible. So try and minimize physical contact to a perfect Zero.


When we said no physical contact, we also meant yourself.

During your flight, after landing, till you are safely in your room and you have thoroughly washed your hands up to your elbow; don’t touch your face!

If you used a tissue to wipe something please refrain from using the same to wipe your eyes, nose or mouth or any part of your face. And make sure to dispose it properly.

It may sound intense. But good measures taken, never go to waste.

Finally, Don’t Panic!

Always expect the unexpected. This goes for sudden disease outbreaks too.

Things could take a turn easily.

When it does, panicking is the LAST thing you should do.

Stay calm and first try to understand what is happening. Don’t get caught up in the media or public hysteria. Focus on getting the facts, understanding it and working sensibly to safeguard yourself.

It’s all about good hygienic practices & sensibility.

We now hope you feel fairly geared up with the necessary knowledge to navigate to safety, should you be faced with such a situation. Good Luck!

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