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All that is in trend tends to fall out of trend, the travel industry, is not immune to such influences.

Though we are still smack-bang in the middle of February, 2020 is already showing signs of some clear emerging travel trends. Based on the recent ones, we have listed out what may be considered “Now Trending” in the evolving landscape of Travel.

Eco Travel

With the growing global concern for climate change, travellers are becoming more sensitive to ecological issues. We see more travellers now support travel trades that follow sustainable modules and consumables (to avoid unnecessary waste collection) and sought to explore undersold travel destinations (to discourage over-tourism). A shift towards promoting eco-sensitive/nomadic style of travelling seems to be arising.

Less Is More

Minimalism seems to be the new theme in town. By choosing not to pack any item that is considered non-essential, travellers are having an easier time travelling lightly while exploring different corners of this beautiful planet.

Bleisure/ Bizacations

The concept of coupling business with pleasure is not entirely unknown. But, an emerging trend can be detected, where many business travellers are encouraged by their respective companies to do a bit of exploring during their downtime.

A little leisure travel during a break can not only contribute to the overall creativity of the employee, but it also allows a better productive output. Business travellers, of course, seems to agree.

‘Grand’ Holidays

Travelling the world after retiring is something we all have thought of. Estimates show that by 2020 the global retired population will reach 1 billion. Combined with the general decrease in birth rates and increasing life expectancy, the old will outnumber the young. Since they will have spending power, we certainly can see a rising trend for senior travellers in 2020.

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