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Surprising things we didn’t know – Japan
Japan has become THEmost trending tourist destination in the recent past. The imperial nation is developed in terms of resources and industries, blessed with natural wonders, a mesmerizing history and as we know, holds the second most powerful passport in the whole world! (Impressive right?!)
On a different perspective, did you know that Japan has some of the most compelling practices, approaches? A side many aren’t interested in experiencing, especially if you’re ready with your Visa and planning your first ever Japan visit, you should definitely know about these fascinating stuff that could be included on your vacation agenda!
Capsule Inns
Right out of a sci-fi movie, these modern architectural capsules are way better than the ones you can find in other countries. Each capsule consists of a secluded room with a bed, a TV and charging ports. High end capsules would have their very own bathrooms as well. Many young travelers pick these over hotels as they elaborate more on privacy, they are cheap and they look really tech-y too.
Vending machines
If you fear you’d run out of snacks or dehydrate on your holiday, you’re safe here in Japan. The country is known to have the highest number of vending machines in the world (about 5.52 million). Wherever you go, you’d find a display of delights at your reach. Japanese believe it’s an effective way to make money without hiring staff.
Village of Nagoro
Nagoro or Naguru, now known as the Doll Village is a very unusual tourist hotspot where you could definitely take a number of interesting photos (with life-like dolls of course). A local artist named Tsukimi Ayano creates these dolls based on local villagers as they die or move away. The village in total consists of more dolls than real people.
Theory of Slurping noodles
Chewing while eating can be disturbing especially in public places, but believe it or not, slurping noodles in a Japanese restaurant is considered polite. It indicates that you’re enjoying the meal made by the chef and it also enhances the flavours of the food.
Cuddle Cafes
Feeling lonely? You could always find a cuddle partner here. Japanese believe cuddling reduces stress because many people are single due to excessive work. At cuddle cafes, you could hire a cuddle partner to hug or spend time talking to erase away anxiety and work stress.
Mr. Kanso
Mr. Kanso in Osaka is the only restaurant in the whole world that serves food in a can. Well – the food that comes in a can. Although this sounds ridiculous, people do enjoy the unusual combination of canned food. Diners of Mr. Kanso can choose from more than 300 dishes and cuisines from around the world.
Life-saving IC cards
Just like a pass for ‘everything’, IC cards are life savers. They can be used for train bookings, at restaurants, vending machines and even to book rooms. Different cities have their own IC cards, the ‘Suica’ card helps you get access to many transport options when travelling across Japan. Although the deposit process is quite a task, if you’re on a long stay, this would be just ideal.
Theory of Tipping
Although we believe tipping is an extra credit for the excellent service, in Japan, this is considered quite rude. They believe it indicates that the particular business is not doing well enough. If you insist on giving a tip, you could talk to a staff/waiter and ask whether it’s alright to leave a tip.
Godzilla, a Tourism ambassador
Who knew Godzilla would get so much recognition that he’d someday be named as a tourism ambassador? Back in 2015, Godzilla was appointed Tokyo Tourism Ambassador with a ceremony. The ever-entertaining prehistoric monster now resides in Shinjuku. The model stands 52m above ground level and peeps from top of a wall, it’s truly fascinating to see in the middle of bustling city.
The best Ramen
You could find different types of Ramen in East Asian countries, but the best is found in Japan for sure! There are over 200,000 Ramen serving restaurants and many of them are similar and just as yummy. Once you’ve ended a cold tiring day, a warm bowl of hearty Ramen would be divinity in disguise.
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