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Asia is known for its vivid cultures, century-old traditions, tropical beauty and islands. Many breathtaking islands you didn’t even know existed. While you’re at home surfing through your feed looking for something new, take a look at the least visited islands in Asia.

Mataking Island, Malaysian Borneo

Malaysia is one of the top tourist attractions in Southeast Asia, you probably would’ve been to Malaysia many times but have you heard of Mataking Island? Located in the Celebes Sea on the state of Sabah. Mataking Island is the ideal place for romantic getaways. It is also home to the first ‘Underwater Post Office in Malaysia’



Ishigaki, Island, Japan

Japan is famous for its spring blossoms and Sushi, but a snorkeling Island?

Located in Japan’s Southwestern Okinawa Prefecture, Ishigaki Island is one of the least visited tropical Islands in Asia. The neighboring waters of this Island is home to Shiraho Reef which boats rare blue corals, a bird watching park, mountain peaks and mangrove habitats

Havelock Island, India

Swaraj Dweep, also known as Havelock Island is a part of India’s Andaman Islands adored for its magnificent coasts, sunset-watching at Radhanagar Beach and experiencing rustic Indian Island life. Compared to many other beaches in India, Havelock Island has been able to maintain its authenticity, simplicity and a relaxing atmosphere over the years



Bantayan Island, Philippines

Many unspoilt beaches aren’t very convenient to travel to, especially with families. However it’s not the same for Bantayan Island in Philippines. This white sand coastal Island is untouched by many tourists who visit Philippines. Located conveniently at the north most tip of Cebu, Bantayan is famous for sightseeing, cliff diving, sky diving, kayaking and most importantly, it’s relaxing nature

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Located in West Papua, Indonesia, Raja Ampat Archipelago is also referred to as the ‘Four Kings’. Out of all the 17,000 islands of Indonesia including the tourist hotspot Bali, Raja Ampat is one of the least visited places. The island is home to a variety of coral species and over 1300 fish species. The surrounding waters are ideal for drift diving and explorers can discover vertical walls underwater as well


Similan Islands, Thailand

Located off Thailand’s West Coast, Similian Archipelago is a part of Phang Nga Province. These islets are highly protected by the Thai Government hence why it’s not very famous amongst tourists who generally visit Thailand. Whilst being surrounded by a diverse marine nature reserve travelers can find fascinating boulder formations across the island and gorgeous corals too.

Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

Perhentian Islands located on Besut District, Terengganu, Malaysia is a range of Islets known for its laid back atmosphere and tropical vibes. Perhentian Island waters are famous for diving, snorkeling and for a variety of exotic marine life as well. Explorers who visit can discover hidden coves and find tranquility in its retreat as well

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