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Trends come and go. But experts claim that Revenge Travel is a trend that will definitely happen for whoever is looking to travel in the New Normal. As ominous as the name sounds, the idea itself really isn’t.

With COVID vaccines being distributed at a steady frequency in many parts of the world, people are hoping that herd immunity will continue to strengthen. As a result, many are cautiously leaning towards the prospect of being able to travel the world once again as they did Pre-COVID.


What is Revenge Travel?

It refers to the idea that there will be a significant surge in travel once the world becomes a safer place to explore again. Many novice and seasoned travellers and people who had no big plans of travelling afar are now struck with an intense need to get away after being cooped up in their living spaces for more than a year in uncommonly stretched time periods.

So if vaccines are rolled out at a steady pace – and positive cases see a continued decline, frustrated travellers all across the world are getting ready to go all out with their travel goals and dreams. This is the nature of Revenge Travel.

What to Expect?

Countless vacations, business trips and celebrations were cancelled thanks to COVID. Experts are closely monitoring these incidents and have predicted several outcomes that can emerge with Revenge Travel.

The skyrocketing increase in holiday bookings. Especially for families who are eager to reunite with their loved ones and spend time together as much as possible. They also expect an increase in travel upgrades & lengthy vacations. Let us explain. Given the unpredictable nature of COVID, many want to make the most of the time given.

So travellers will grab the opportunity to book longer holidays, while many will even go for upgrades they would have avoided in a pre-COVID time because they considered it too extravagant or not worth it.

Revenge Travel or not, travel will take a turn to be more in line with the New Normal. So great outdoor destinations will continue to be favoured. After all, it will be blissful to immerse in the beauty of nature while social distancing without any stress.


Points to Consider.    

Travelling in the new normal certainly will demand a change in how we usually prepare for it.

Your vaccination status.

Choosing a holiday destination might no longer be your decision alone. Whether you are vaccinated or not will contribute significantly as to what countries will accept your entry as a visitor.

A countries’ current COVID status.

If a country is experiencing an increase in their COVID cases, many travellers will avoid visiting the country till it is officially announced as safe. It could prove to be critical, especially if the country in question is heavily reliant on tourism. Also, many countries might ban the citizens from entering their own countries till the situation has greatly improved and the risk is at an absolute minimum.

Future travel purchases will include must-haves like extra face masks, hand sanitisers, antibacterial wipes etc.

Guidance from reputable Travel Agencies.

This is because agents are capable of acting as the travel advisor as well. They will be up-to-date on the latest travel changes and travel safety procedures of different nations. They can advise and help make the best possible travel decisions while taking care of all the travel and accommodation arrangements – which takes a huge burden off your hands, with safety guaranteed in every way possible. Choose an agent that you could reach 24/7 and offers you the best possible travel service solutions as well as many other value-added services.

While many will eagerly wait to go exploring again and enjoy as much as they could (so begins the era of Revenge Travel), Most won’t even give it much thought, as they have other critical priorities such as preserving their health and financial stability. All in all, the struggle is very real for all of us right now. But, no matter how challenging the new normal seems, we are certain that things will turn around for the better.

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