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Many would agree that COVID-19 defines the year 2020, and given the nature of the spread, one wouldn’t need to dig deep to see that many things in the future will continue to be heavily influenced by that one fact; COVID. Especially Tourism and Travel.

But since the start of human evolution, we have proven throughout history that we are perfectly capable of adapting to change. It is currently evident in how the world is responding to the virus months after being crippled by it. We are exploring and creating resourceful ways to move forward with our lives while minimizing the risk of exposure to this pandemic.

The Travel Bubble is one such example of a novel idea that has made headway across the globe during the latter stages of this year.

So, what is a Travel Bubble?

Travel Bubbles are also known as Travel Corridors and Corona Corridors. It is basically a partnership solely created between two or more neighbouring countries or distant countries, who have been decently successful in keeping the virus spread under control. Establishing a connection allows the countries in question to open up their borders and permit their citizens to travel freely within the safe zone without having to endure on-arrival quarantine.

The origin of the Travel Bubble:

The swift establishment of the term was pioneered by three states from the Baltic region; Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. They initiated this trilateral partnership to allow citizens of the three countries in question to enter with lesser restrictions and more benefits. This particular action of creating a free passage between nations was later termed ‘Travel Bubble’.

It’s essential to remember that the Travel Bubble doesn’t necessarily restrict itself to travel and tourism. The trilateral partnership also allowed them to revive their other commercial sectors that is in need of critical attention.

Is it effective?

Adopting an unconventional way to deal with the stagnant economic situation across the globe is clever. But to find one that is effective is ingenious. It’s the real dream goal.

The question many nations ask even now is ‘Is the travel bubble effective?’

While there is no set-methodology put in place to initiate a travel bubble, there are some critical factors a government must look into, to ensure success without endangering the health of the public.

A risk assessment is vital. Certain factors such as:

  • The current infection rate relative to the population size
  • Trends in infection rates
  • Effectiveness of the overall response of the public health officials to the spread,

Will be acutely analyzed.

Taking all that into consideration – a travel bubble can be established between two or more nations while having it tailor-made to suit the requirements of the countries in question. As a result, catching the virus within the travel bubble will be extremely unlikely.

Embracing the Travel Bubble.

A majority has begun seeing the concept as a starting solution for economic recovery. Japan, Thailand, China, UK, US and many countries in Europe and Asia are working on are entering negotiations with each other to see how they can adapt the concept to fit their immediate requirements as a country.

Currently, many of these states are enduring the second COVID wave – and as a result, some have gone into lockdown or partial lockdowns. As a result, local and global businesses are experiencing significant friction in progress, and this has led to the countries speeding up agreements between each other to avoid further economic collapse.

One step at a time:

While the travel Bubble concept is catching on, it really is not a permanent solution. Without a doubt, we can agree that it is a great initiation taken in the right direction. IF the nations follow through the procedure correctly, it can effectively contribute to the flattening the curve without having to close down the airports and country borders again.

So, while it is offering the world a plan to stride forward, it is also a hope-giving symbol to us. Because the success of the Travel Bubble shows that travelling the world post-COVID will no longer be a far-fetched dream after-all and that is incredibly encouraging!

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