“Mauritius was made first and then heaven; and heaven was copied after Mauritius” – Mark Twain

Mauritius, an Indian Ocean island nation just off the south-east coast of the African continent, is not only known for its gorgeous beaches and breathtaking coral reefs but also incredible green landscapes and lagoons.

As your plane emerges through the clouds and you catch the first glimpse of this island of wonder, you would certainly jump up in glee at the thought of the adventures that await you! Although you could debate that there is no wrong time to visit Mauritius, the “best” time to visit is from October to December, the summer. This gives you ideal weather to splash in the ocean or bask in the sun!


You may be on your honeymoon or on vacation with your family or even on the hunt for adventure; Mauritius offers a wide range of activities to custom fit every age group. The 7 Colored Earth Geopark is a must-do for its vast area of sand dunes with intense multi colours of sand from red to brown, violet, green, blue, purple and yellow. In the same vicinity, you also could visit a tortoise park with 6 giant tortoises who are almost 150 years old! Later on, a 3-hour hike will lead you to Chamarel waterfall where you could cool off by a swim at the base pool. On the other hand, you also could stopover at Casela World of Adventures which is a combination of an animal park and an amusement park. The list of activities here will keep you hooked till the end of the day – pump your adrenaline by going zip-ling or face your fear of heights by crossing a suspended bridge overlooking the canyon and take in the spectacular view or even go see zebras, ostriches and African antelopes when you take a safari quad through rugged plateaus.

The most epic experience you could ever have would be diving in a sub-scooter; a crossover between a scooter and a submarine. Mauritius reigns supreme as the only place in the whole world which offers it! You could get easily marvel at the underwater wonders without damaging the reefs and also you will definitely love having all the sea life swim up to you to greet you.


There are many surrounding islands for you to choose from to either do a day trip or to stay over. The island activities include kayaking, fly boarding, snorkeling, diving or simply lounging on a boat. You would always have an itinerary for each day to keep you intrigued!

From visiting their tea and vanilla plantations to swimming with wild dolphins, this endless list of wild and wonderful things to do will make you re-think your return date back home. You could safely say that Mauritius will definitely tick all the boxes for heaven on earth!

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